Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) 

What is it?
Rite Of Christian Initiation for Adults or RCIA is a ministry of All Saints Parish for adults seeking a better understanding of the Catholic faith, initiation into a life in Christ, and an increase in God’s grace in their life through the sacraments. Volunteers and parish staff assist in teaching and guiding individuals and small groups on their faith journey. Just because you begin RCIA, doesn't mean you are obligated to become Catholic. Participants and mentors alike benefit from the diverse religious experiences, genuine inquiry, and personal testimonies that are shared throughout the RCIA process.

Who can use RCIA?
There are three categories that participants might fit into, and groups may be made up of one or more of these:
1. Unbaptized adults who are interested in learning about and considering joining the Catholic Church. This group typically takes a year or longer of study, inquiry, and prayer with the support of a sponsor and the mentorship of the RCIA team. The culmination of this process is the reception of Baptism, Confirmation and first Eucharist at the Easter Vigil Mass.

2. Validly baptized non-Catholic adults who are interested in entering into full, visible communion with the Catholic Church. Each individual has unique experiences and past knowledge and will be guided toward the mentorship program that is best suited for them and their spiritual needs. Their entry into the Catholic Church depends on their readiness and pastoral circumstances such as marriage annulment or other challenges to living the faith.

3. Baptized Catholics who are seeking to return to the faith or are in need of one or more sacraments such as Penance, first Eucharist, or Confirmation. This is a great opportunity to draw closer to Christ through the conversation, study and prayer practices taught in RCIA.

Weekly classes are typically going on year-round, and 1:1 mentorship is also offered. Even if the RCIA program is already underway for the year, we will make every effort to meet you where you are and provide the support you need. Everyone's journey is different, and our desire is to make sure each person seeking the true faith is received with compassion, patience and charity. For confidential questions or concerns, a conversation with a priest is often the best way to begin and to assess your needs.

How to join?
To learn more, please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator, at 607-936-4689 ext. 208

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