Inspiration – Jan 24

Charlette SmithLiturgy

“Repent, and believe in the gospel.” Some type of honest and sincere repentance is necessary for any type of authentic growth and maturity. We have to come to the realization, unless we are happy wallowing in immaturity and superficiality, that the way we have been doing things is not the best or the healthiest. There isn’t a human being alive who hasn’t acted foolishly or erratically at the cost of almost losing a treasured relationship. “Why did I act that way?” is a question we often ponder after some reflection and enlightenment. Faith works the same way. Stumbling through life and bumping up against meaninglessness, a person can begin to see that something significant is missing. They see that there is merit to a relationship with God and an embrace of faith. Before these can take root, sincere sorrow for past wrong doing, missed opportunities, errors in judgment, and short sightedness is necessary. Repentance is necessary. Then having realized that we were walking in darkness, we can rejoice that by God’s grace we now see the light.