Our Mission

Love God. Love Self. Love Others. Share Jesus.


FAITH: We believe in building a personal connection with Jesus, finding strength in prayer, and recognizing the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the Trinity.
HOPE: Our faith, grounded in the mercy of Christ and the belief in attainable salvation through His grace, shapes a future reflective of love and redemption.
CHARITY: At the core of our beliefs is the calling to serve, driven by the principle that all individuals are inherently accepted and valued.
FELLOWSHIP: We recognize that fellowship strengthens our spiritual journey and enhances our collective sense of purpose, as we strive together to build a community fostering mutual support, understanding, and growth.


Active Discipleship: We live out our faith passionately, striving to be exemplars of love, compassion, and service in our community and beyond, following the example of Christ.
Celebrating Talents and Gifts: We value and celebrate the diverse talents and gifts of every individual, knowing each unique strength contributes something no one else can.
Continuous Faith Enrichment: We are committed to ongoing faith formation for every parishioner, fostering a deep and evolving understanding of our spiritual beliefs through all stages of life.
Dignity of Every Individual: We affirm the inherent dignity of each person, recognizing the divine spark within and the God-given light they bring to our community.
Sacramental Embrace: We cherish the Mass, Sacraments, and the Eucharist as profound expressions of our faith journey, recognizing the special role they play in our spiritual lives.
Virtue and Integrity: Upholding honesty and virtue, we strive to live with moral integrity in all aspects of our lives.
Warm Hospitality: Our doors are always open to ensure that all who seek solace, guidance, or community find a place of acceptance and warmth to call their spiritual home.

Our history

All Saints Parish (a cluster which was formed in 2000) has evolve significantly since the early days of four independent churches: St. Mary's, St. Vincent's, St. Patrick's and Immaculate Herart of Mary. Now, our Catholic community is back to one family and one church, St. Mary's which was the first back in 1849.

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