The Sacrament of Marriage stands as an example of love and commitment. The marriage covenant of husband and wife models God’s covenant of unconditional love for us: in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, all the days of our life. Such a marriage is truly a sacrament (sign) to us all.

When a man and a woman present themselves to the Church and ask for the Sacrament of Marriage they will be invited to:

1. Attend Pre-Cana (Diocesan marriage preparation program)

2. Participate in the FOCCUS inventory and

3. Complete the Pre-Nuptial investigation (required to ensure that they are eligible according to Canon Law to receive the sacrament).

The purpose of the preparation process is to assist the couples in being as prepared as possible for married life. The church teaches that the marriage bond is unbreakable and therefore the church has a responsibility, to those who are asking for the sacrament, to ensure that couples are as prepared as possible.

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