Abstinence from Meat | Bishop Matano

Steven PutmanNews

Fasting from meat, called abstinence, is required of Catholics on Fridays during Lent. However, even outside of Lent, Catholics are required to offer some sort of penance. When the requirement to abstain from meat was lifted from Fridays outside of Lent, their was a common belief that no penitential substitute was required. This is false. Canon Law 1251 binds all Catholics to do some sort of penance on every Friday, unless Friday falls on a solemnity, such as Christmas.

At this time, with all that our society is being made to endure during this virus, many people are suffering a lot. Because of this, Bishop Matano, in his authority as Bishop of our diocese, has dispensed the faithful from the obligation to abstain from meat for the remainder of Lent. However, if you wish, you can still abstain from meat, or choose another form of penance, for example – extra prayers, special acts of charity or fasting from something you enjoy like TV or the internet.

Whatever you choose to do on Friday, remember what Jesus did do, by either uniting the sufferings you are being forced to endure, or offering another penance of your choosing. In making this offering to God, you unite yourself with Our Lord and His sufferings.