Inspiration – Aug 23

Steven PutmanLiturgy

To stand in the presence of God is to stand in the presence of incomprehensible mystery. We are people of proofs and facts. With good reason, we are becoming more doubtful of what presents itself to us, as technology makes it easy to fabricate false images and distort what is actually true. What we think is real actually may not be. We become skeptical. Does this skepticism affect our relationship with God? To have faith in God means that we must be willing to trust in the absence of full knowledge. To know the mind of God means we would know God himself, and that is impossible. To acknowledge Jesus as the Christ means we acknowledge that the reality and presence of an incarnate God has a fundamental claim on who we are. When we name this truth, we participate in a depth of knowledge that stretches us far beyond the scope of our minds. It brings us to silence, which is the only way to touch our soul.