Inspiration – Aug 30

Steven PutmanLiturgy

Secular problems require savvy secular solutions. We are trained to solve problems, be successful and productive, and find our way through all that life presents to us. Corporations value those who can decipher the best avenue to take in order to resolve an issue. How do you train and renew your mind? Facts, figures, scientific tools, analytical processes, best practices, and models of varying kinds are at our disposal. If we don’t know the full and proper course of action, we can easily find it. But there is a knowledge that goes far beyond all these things that makes a direct claim on the essence of our being. It satisfies a deeper thirst and hunger that keeps us restless until it is satisfied. Our minds, hearts, and souls cannot only be nurtured purely by secular and temporal things. We must seek the enlightenment that comes from God. This allows us to see the value of suffering in order to achieve a greater good and the losing of our very self in the service of something greater. Faith only makes sense if it can bring us to this heightened awareness.