Inspiration – Jul 12

Steven PutmanLiturgy

Any good farmer will tell you that regardless of how good the quality of the seed, its sprouting and bearing of effective fruit is dependent upon the quality of the soil. Preparing the soil is one of the most essential components of farming. There is no doubt that the seed of God’s Word will eventually achieve its purpose. God cannot and will not fail. When and how that seed bears fruit is, however, dependent upon us. What is the quality and condition of your soil? Life’s concerns and preoccupations can cause us to become inattentive to our inner life. This sometimes unintentional neglect can result in our soil becoming hard, overgrown with weeds, rocky, parched, and lifeless. When God’s seed is sown, it doesn’t always take root because it struggles to establish roots and flourish. How can you more attentively attend to the soil of your heart so that it will be a fertile and vital place for the fruit of the Gospel to grow?