Inspiration – Jun 2

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Today, we are reminded that it is Jesus’ suffering, death, resurrection, AND ascension all taken together that make the one event that brings salvation to humanity. Jesus’ return to the Father completes the work Jesus came to accomplish and clearly shows us the forgiveness, mercy, and love the Father wishes to bestow upon his children. Faith allows us to savor the mystery of God’s design and the hope that awaits us. Today, we are called to look up and see that Jesus ascended to the Father. His mission is completed, and ours is now beginning. Having “looked up,” we now have to “look out” into our broken world and deliver the Good News. We now have a new perspective on life and can see things differently: life comes from death, hope from despair, faith from doubt, joy from sadness, and freedom to those who are held bound. It is amazing news indeed! How do we spread the word?

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