Inspiration – May 24

Steven PutmanLiturgy

Being real people of faith comes with a price. Have you ever been seen as unpopular, out of sync or peculiar because of your faith? St. Peter tells us, “If you are insulted for the name of Christ, blessed are you.” If being a Christian comes easy for us, then we ought to rethink how we approach our faith. Developing habits of prayer, living in accord with the Gospel, setting time aside each week for the practice of our faith, seeing our relationship with Christ as the center and focus of our families all come with sacrifice. We are going to look differently than other folks and we ought to. We are going to find ourselves doing less of the things we are “supposed to do” and more of the things we know we “ought to do or want to do.” This often means resisting secular tides and putting our boats into different waters. If this is what helps us know the one true God, then so be it. It also brings us to eternal life.