Inspiration – May 3

Steven PutmanLiturgy

When you wake up in the morning, whose voice is the first one you listen to? Your own? Someone else’s? Or God? We all listen to someone and follow some sort of guidelines and principles. If it is a secular voice that propels us to get up in the morning and take up the task of the day’s agenda, then we may find ourselves off track. The advice found in the Acts of the Apostles was as true then as it is now, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” Most of what we listen to in secular voices is off the axis of truth and distorted. It may sound attractive, but it is deceptive at best. Many have gone astray like sheep and need to return to the Good Shepherd. Only Jesus can offer us the gate of life, and only Jesus as the Good Shepherd can really motivate us to take on the challenges of life. If we don’t recognize his voice, we can risk facing destruction.