Inspiration – Nov 03

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Imagine God coming to you at this very moment saying, “Today I must stay at your house!” How do you react when you hear those words? God must stay at your house. There is no time to clean or organize things or make any preparations. There is no time to backtrack and catch up on things that may have slipped by during the week. God is coming and doesn’t care how things look! God just wants to spend time with you. God’s mercy is very wide. It is so wide that we sometimes have a difficulty accepting just how unconditional and free it really is. We may find ourselves thinking that there must be some folks who don’t deserve it or aren’t worthy. All are worthy. The book of Wisdom tells us, “But you have mercy on all and you overlook people’s sins that they may repent.” There is no way around it: God must offer mercy. We are lost and we desperately need it.

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