Inspiration – Nov 24

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Are we looking for Christ to be our earthly king or our eternal one? We often go back and forth with God on this question. What we find in the content of our prayer usually reveals the answer. Because life can be difficult, we may desire that God cushion our earthly experience a bit, make it more tolerable, remove the crosses, and do the miraculous. Preserving our earthly lives can take too much precedence and be of too much concern. Christ the eternal king offers a different promise and hope. The eternal king offers us a way through suffering and hardship to the greater glory to be revealed when our journey is completed in heaven. The eternal king is not the king of earthly comfort but the king who advocates for the poor, vulnerable, lost, broken, marginalized, and hurting. We are asked to become like the eternal king, Jesus Christ, both in this life and in the life to come.

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