Inspiration – Nov 25

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We live in interesting times. Life is constantly changing. While this can be exciting on one hand, change also presents challenges. We live in an age of relativism where people can pick and choose the truths that suit them and build their own system of beliefs. While humans certainly have the freedom to choose, losing sight of long-standing universal truths is not such a healthy course. Jesus Christ our King is our universal truth! He is the God who is nonnegotiable, our non-option! In Christ, we know what truth is. He alone points us to God, our true selves, our proper relationships with one another, and the world in which we live. Christ directs us to the poor and vulnerable and teaches us what God’s kingdom is meant to be. Christ is the king who serves others. He gets dirty. He ascends the throne of the cross. We are called to do the same.

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