Inspiration – Nov 29

Steven PutmanUncategorized

Be watchful! Be alert! The core message of Advent cannot be more direct or simple. As those who are postured in a spirit of readiness and anticipation, we must always be attentive and vigilant. We have to be ready not only for the anticipated arrival of our Lord, but watchful and attentive to the unexpected visit as well. While we know that the Christ is coming, we also do not know the exact time. Cultivating this expectant attitude is the purpose of this season. It is easy to grow slack, inattentive, and too self-assured. We can easily deaden ourselves to the wonder and surprise of God’s presence. We get so absorbed in so many other distractions that it can seem like Christ’s second coming, and even Christ’s coming in time are of lesser importance. When it finally dawns on us that we have wandered far away from where we need to be, and lost our attentiveness and focus, we will wonder how this all happened. We may even try to put the onus on God and blame God for a lack of involvement or presence. We are the ones, who through our own choice, put the distance in our relationship and lost touch. Now it’s time to come back and perk ourselves up a bit!