Inspiration – Nov 8

Steven PutmanLiturgy

Do you consider yourself spiritually mature and awake? We can become a little presumptuous in the Christian life and even put a little too much stock in God’s mercy. We foolishly believe that in the end, God is going to give everyone a passing grade and all will be well. Therefore, until that time comes, I can remain mediocre in my faith disciplines and put aside the effort needed to go from okay to excellent. We can be accomplished procrastinators! The meeting of God face-to-face either when we die or when Christ comes again, whichever comes first, is not going to be as casual as we may think. There is no earthly meeting in our experience that can even compare to what it will be like to meet God. To say that we are going to be caught up in awe is an understatement. But, there is something even more significant than that to consider: If we haven’t learned how to be attentive, recognize, and long for the holy of holies in this life, what make us think we are going to recognize and desire it in the next? Pray for the wisdom to act prudently.