Inspiration – Oct 4

Steven PutmanLiturgy

Who has authority over God’s kingdom? While we know that the obvious answer is Jesus, that is not the answer our lives always reveal. We struggle with wanting control over God’s kingdom. We wrestle with ownership, privilege, status, and the protection of our rights. However, at the end of the day nothing in this world or in the one to come belongs to us. All that we see and know to be true belong to God, and Jesus is the only one who has any authority. How often do we defer any of our decision making to God? We often conduct our business as if we are the owner, lord and master of it all, but sadly we are not. God gives us the means and the potential to bear good Gospel-centered fruit. This desire and capacity exist within each individual. Unless we really acknowledge and accept who is ultimately in charge, the type of love, justice, peace, and other good fruits God desires for the world will never be realized.