Inspiration – Sep 6

Steven PutmanLiturgy

It is not easy to confront someone who has wronged or hurt us. But it is absolutely necessary to do so in order for reconciliation to occur. We are taught to mind our own business and keep our thoughts to ourselves. When we have been hurt or wronged and we do not acknowledge and give voice to it, those feelings of hurt remain in our hearts and can eventually turn into anger. Verbalizing our feelings can diffuse them, and communicating how we actually feel brings honesty to our relationships. This is the only way that the path of love can remain open and that integrity and mutual respect can be maintained. It is no wonder that Jesus absolutely insisted upon healthy and compassionate confrontation. People don’t always realize that they are doing harm. Bringing this to light is not only good for the one who is hurt but for the one who caused the pain. The new insight and revelation may prevent the action from being repeated again.