Memorials January February March 2019

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Memorial Fund Donations

January, February, March 2019

In Memory of Sylvia Baldini:  Barb Price, Teresa & Mike Graham, Marjorie DiMeo, Kathi Gronski, Virginia Darcangelo, John Baldini, Steve & Mary, Buddy & Sharon Cutler

In Memory of Robert F. Barnum: Phyllis Barnum

In Memory of Howard C. Beach:  Nancy Beach & Family

In Memory of Robert Beiswenger:  Thomas & Sylvia Yorio, Phyllis Barnum, Mike & Linda McDonald, Gene Tunney & Family, Helene Ford, Mary Condon & Family

In Memory of Joan Candleana:  Agnes Backus, Barb & Don Price, Kathi Gronski, Gene Tunney

In Memory of John Christofaro:  Gene Tunney & Family, Bob & Pat Beiswenger, Dave Christofaro, Mike & Linda McDonald, John Gruczkowski, August & Marie Titi, Kathi Gronski, Joe & Kay Prisella, Loretta Deats

In Memory of Mary Jane Cohoon: Mary Beth Constantino

In Memory of Thomas Collins: Corning Friends

In Memory of Hilda Conrad: Bob & Pat Beiswenger & Family

In Memory of Elizabeth Currie: Marge Duffey, Connie Castellana

In Memory of Kathleen Cutler: Chris & Gail Perrino, Phyllis Cuda Barnum, Nora Smith, Steven & Kathy Hakes, Bob & Pat Beiswenger, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Niles, Kevin Rahill, Alice Armstrong, Patricia Kahl, Donna Roberts, Nate & Michele Williams, Scott & Hilary Bloor, Maurice & Mary Wood

In Memory of Jean Ann DiMeo: Teresa & Mike Graham, Barb Price, Stella Baer, Kathi Gronski

In Memory of Willis Ford: Eileen Hultzman, Kathi Gronski, Barbara Price, Bob & Pat Beiswenger, Hilda Allington

In Memory of Angelina Grinnell: Vera Dauman

In Memory of Paula Gullo: Sharon Abbott, Barbara Price, Mary Beth Constantino

In Memory of Elise Kline: Don & Barb Price

In Memory of Samuel LaLomic: Phyllis Cuda Barnum

In Memory of Timothy Lanahan: Diane & Tom Pierri, Arthur Pesoli, Dr. & Mrs. John Wallig, Don & Barb Price, David & Sandra Seeley, Richard & Catherine Pierce, Lawrence & Catherine Rajnik, Mary M.O’Hara, Mary Darcangelo, Virginia Darcangelo, Patricia Kahl, Deacon Jim & Dora Hankey, Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Gregg, Lenore Dimon, Edward & Beverly O’Brian, Linda Grinia, George & Stephanie Welch, Jane & Maureen Connaughton, Roby Staver, Vivian & Ron Peters, Marge Clark, Bartholomew & Colleen Lanahan, Teresa & Mike Graham, Evar & Kathleen Overstrom

In Memory of Ann Lesso: Tom & Diane Pierri

In Memory of Margaret Mashanic: Linda McDonald, Eileen Hultzman, Paul & Barb Rossi, Vince Kapral, Mary Kay Seward, Kathi Gronski, Bob & Pat Beiswenger, Sharon Abbott, Phyllis Cuda Barnum, Barbara Price, Timothy & Judith Coleman, Janet & Daniel Ginnane, Maurice & Mary Wood, Judith Mangus & Family,CPP Middle School Staff Association, Sharon & Harold Cutler Jr.,Theresa Garvey, Frita & Linda Wasser, Gloria O’Dell, Patty Drapakowski, Betty Bly, Susan LaPointe, Viviane Muntz-Harlon, Jane & Maureen Connaughton, Richard J. Kurchey, Deborah Hill & Family, Janet Elbert

In Honor of Michael McDonald’s 80th Birthday: Linda McDonald

In Memory of Father Robert MacNamara: Patrick & Sharon Tammaro

In Memory of Rose Pucco: Mike & Linda McDonald, Arthur Pesoli, Phyllis Cuda Barnum, Pat & Sharon Tammaro, Grace Rosettie, Barbara Price, Stephen & Margaret Darcangelo, Deborah Amati, Richard & Karen Darcangelo, Virginia Darcangelo, Loraine & David Perfith, John & Margaret Sitterly

In Memory of Wanda Romance: Robert & Kathryn Carson, William Trustee

In Memory of Joseph A. Ruocco: Rae DiGiacomo

In Memory of Serterio Ruocco: Rae DiGiacomo

In Memory of Helen Savka: Kathi Gronski, Bob & Linda Hill

In Memory of Schosger Family: Barb & Don Price

In Memory of Philip Sementilli:  Pat Sementilli & Daughter, Barb & Don Price, William & Marilyn Peoples Jr. & Family, Kathi Gronski, Howard & Mary Orr, Diana Macko, John Gruczkowski, Gloria O’Dell, Joe & Kay Prisella, Betty & Jerry Vine

In Memory of Edith Shinners: Eileen Hultzman, Thomas Hart, Bob & Pat Beiswenger, Claire Elton, Kathi Gronski, Richard Shinners

In Memory of Roger Steele: Elizabeth Reilly

In Memory of Richard Tobia: Bamonti Family, Tom & Diane Pierri

In Memory of Florence Waters: Martha Benjamin

In Memory of Joseph Wayne: Kathi Gronski, Hilda Allington, Pat & Sharon Tammaro, Agnes Stauffer

Flower Fund Donations


Anonymous:  In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Smith

Agnes Backus: In memory of Joan Candleana

Mary Ann Hinkley: In memory of Alice Ignasiak

Frank LaShure: In memory of Joann Mulhollen & Nan Metcalf

Emily Lowery: In memory of Miriam Thorton Hill

Scott & Sherry Sherman

Pat Sementilli: In memory of Rose & Carmella Sagaria

August & Marie Titi: In Honor of Barbara & Donald Price 50th Anniversary

Stephanie & George Welch: In memory of Father Robert MacNamara

Diane Wilcox: In memory of Helen Savka



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