Memorials July August September 2019

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All Saints Parish Memorials

July, August, September 2019

In Memory of Marie Ambrosone: Pat Beiswenger, Maureen & Jane Connaughton, Barbara Price

In Memory of Everett Brazie: Keith and Cathy Bertah

In Memory of Phyllis Corso: Hyder & Mustafa Families, Pat Beiswenger, Donna Keegan

In Memory of Anne Marie Dietrick: Kathi Gronski

In Memory of Louise Fernandes: Phyllis Cuda Barnum, Barbara Price, Mike & Linda McDonald, Marge Duffey, Marge Petro, Mike & Teresa Graham

In Memory of Daniel Ginnane: Mike & Teresa Graham

In Memory of Johanna Hetlan: Gene Tunney and Family, Barbara Price, Lois Capolupo, Kathi Gronski, Mike & Teresa Graham, Laura Pfaltzgraff

In Memory of Gertrude Horigan: Jane C. Cole, Barbara Price, Nancy Shinners

In Memory of George Jamison: Ann Whitney, Susan Kelley, Maureen Connaughton, Barbara Price, Mike & Teresa Graham

In Memory of Helen Klokus: Kathi Gronski

In Memory of Timothy Lanahan: James Kruidenter

In Memory of Marilyn Merola: Barbara Price, Pat Sementilli & Daughters, Antonietta Palumbo

In Memory of Carol Midey: Barb & Don Price

In Memory of Eloise Miller: Phyllis Cuda Barnum, Mike & Linda McDonald, Mike & Teresa Graham

In Memory of Janet Pierri: Kathi Gronski

In Memory of Tenninie & Pasetti: Family

In Memory of Joseph J. Ruocco: Lillian Ruocco

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