Ordinary Moments – Apr 15

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If you ask me to tell you about one of my sons, my daughter, or my wife, I could spend quite some time elaborating on them as individuals and my interactions with them throughout the years. An authentic relationship leads each party into a rich knowledge of the other. If I have little to say about someone other than some incidental information or gossip, I cannot claim to really know him or her.

Indeed, every relationship has expectations. If we do not know the needs of the other or the responses expected in living out the relationship, we easily create division and separation. I do certain things for my children because I am a parent. I respond in certain ways to my wife based upon her needs. If I am oblivious, or just don’t care, the relationship will move on a path toward hurt, pain, and in some instances, permanent separation.

To know Jesus is to love Jesus. The key is you actually have to know him. Knowing him is listening to his words and keeping his commands. Just like in all relationships, we will fall short at times. However, because we know the expectations we can then make amends and continue to grow together. So if I asked you to tell me about this friend of yours named Jesus, what would you say?

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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