Ordinary Moments – Apr 28

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After my mother passed away, my sister and father had a falling out of sorts. When he moved to be closer to me, she told me that she didn’t ever want to speak to him again, saying, “Even if he is on his death bed, do not call me.” My father was in his late 70’s, and the pain he would have felt if he knew her wishes would have been too much to bear. Because of this, I made a decision to not tell him. This also put a strain on my relationship with my sister as I cared for the one person in this world she seemed to despise the most.

Of all the gifts God has given us, time and family are at the top of the list to be cherished. Also, both are finite gifts. Our family members will not walk in this world forever, and each day that slips away cannot be restored. Still, we build up walls of fear, doubt, resentment, anger, and pain, not allowing ourselves to forgive and be good stewards of what we have been given.

On Divine Mercy Sunday, God’s mercy is overflowing through all the earth. There is no excuse for you and me to not be reconciled with God and accept this profound compassion. In turn, there is no excuse to not extend that mercy and reconcile with those who have hurt us.

I always believed I would have a renewed relationship with my sister when my father’s death would come to pass. Two weeks after he passed, my sister suddenly died as well. There is no rewind of time. Yes, good stewards, today is the day!

– Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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