Ordinary Moments – Aug 18

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Set the Earth on Fire
My wife can get so invested in a sporting event where one of her favorite teams is playing that she sometimes must leave the room due to the stress. That is heavy-duty investment! I remember her on the sidelines for our son’s soccer games or our daughter’s lacrosse games. Her emotions were intense, and she cheered loudly for her children. She never yelled at a referee because it wasn’t about them. It was about wanting to see her children, or her favorite team, achieve something great. Her passion was fueled by love and her connectedness to something or someone.

When we look at our Church, we need to see greater passion. Sometimes that passion is there, but many times, we approach our discipleship as just another aspect of who we have become. It needs to be more than that. As we call ourselves Christian, we need to “put on Christ” so that a world in need sees not us, but Jesus. By being serious about our discipleship and living as transformed Everyday Stewards, we bear witness to the power of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said in Luke 12, “I have come to set the earth on fire.” Those words sound pretty emotional to me! If we are to be like him, then we need to set the earth on fire. We need to be bold and proclaim the Good News without apology. By our actions of love and justice, we need to show the world that with the Body of Christ on earth, it is not business as usual. Surely our emotions about these things should trump the emotions we have about a sporting event. We need to ask ourselves what truly sets us on fire.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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