Ordinary Moments – Aug 2

Steven PutmanLiturgy

The Power of a Simple Action

I remember seeing a story on a morning news program about a little girl who wanted to give an elderly man in a grocery store a hug. She had no way of knowing that this man had just lost his wife of many years and now felt so very alone and depressed. Her reaching out to the man seemed odd to her mom at first, but the girl was so insistent about giving a hug she moved the shopping carts close together so the exchange could take place. No one knew that from that moment on the little girl would ask to visit her new friend at least once a week for the next four years until he passed away. In an interview soon after the initial encounter, the man said, “I haven’t been this happy in some time.” Imagine the joy that relationship brought to them both over the years!

It was just a moment. It was a simple gesture. Yet, it had a large impact that no one could have predicted. You never know what will result when we give just a little of ourselves. That uncertainty too often leads us to hold back or refrain from the simple actions of love or gestures of generosity that could come so easily for us if we wanted. We should never doubt the power of a simple random act of kindness. Generosity does not need to be grand to make a big difference. The time is now, and the opportunity presents itself often to plant a small seed that God can water and nourish so that something beautiful can grow.

– Tracy Earl Welliver