Ordinary Moments – Aug 23

Steven PutmanLiturgy

The Choice of Stewardship

What does it mean to be a good steward? Does it mean to be an active parishioner, or something more? Are we better stewards because we give more in terms of our money and time to our parish, or are we called to do even more than that?

The truth is that stewardship is a way of life. We are not simply called to be active parishioners, but instead be active disciples all the time. In fact, what we learn to do in our parish should serve as preparation for the mission field of the world. What have we really done if we only act like disciples of Jesus Christ while we are assembled with others who claim to be the same?

The choice before us is to give of ourselves in all aspects of our day and life. The call of Jesus will come in our everyday lives with our co-workers, family, and friends more often than it will within our parish community. First, if we can’t become good stewards when we are among those who proclaim Jesus as Lord, how will we be able to do so when we are with those who are non-believers? Second, when our muscles of gratitude, generosity, and graciousness are strengthened within our parish community, we are more able to meet the challenges of this world. However, we do not become good stewards by accident. We must always choose to live this way. What will you choose?

– Tracy Earl Welliver