Ordinary Moments – Dec 2

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Waiting is not always so easy. If you lack patience, like me, you probably want whatever is going to happen to just happen already. I remember waiting on the births of my children. There was the time I sat with my dying father in the hospital. One year, we waited to see if our oldest child got into the college of his choice, or any college at all, which was nerve-wracking.

So, to make the time pass more easily, and because it is prudent and wise, we make preparations. We put together nurseries, go over last will and testaments, and look through endless college mailings. Then, when the event finally happens or our fate is unveiled, the preparation ends. Either you have prepared well or you didn’t.

Unlike events in our lives that only happen once, we have been through Advent many times before. Even though this is the case, when Christmas arrives many of us will think we missed
it again, and next year will be the year we really get into Advent. Of course, there is no promise of next year. What if you knew this was your last Advent ever?
I once read a book about how to live your life as if you only had one year to live. The author said that doing this provides incentive for a real commitment to living life to its fullest. You notice things for the first time. You make plans that you always put off. You tell people what you always wanted to say.

I hope all who read this have many wonderful years ahead of them. However, let’s approach this Advent like it is our last. I bet Christmas will seem that much sweeter. And who knows, we may find a new and improved way to live all year long.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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