Ordinary Moments – Dec 22

Steven PutmanLiturgy

Afraid, Yet Never Alone

I did not end up being the great parent I had hoped I would be. I am not saying I was bad, but I was not the cool dad who did all things right and led my children by the example of my endlessly good actions. I messed up a bunch. Sometimes I was afraid. I was afraid of decisions I had to make and the possible repercussions. At times, I was afraid that I was not strong enough to lead my family. The fear occasionally led me toward inaction or eventual mistakes. The only thing that got me through the tough times and allowed me to see it was okay was Jesus. Without Jesus, I would never have been half of the father and husband I have been through the years.

When we try to tackle life alone, we can find ourselves in a very lonely position. Just like Jesus’ parents, we need God to assist us and provide us with the strength for what lies ahead. Joseph needed God to be with him as he took Mary as his wife and became a father. Every parent needs God to become more than they can be on their own.

How do you treat those who you love? Who is there to help you when a relationship faces an obstacle? We are called to love others as our Father in heaven loves us. That is really an unreachable goal. Yet with God, all things are possible. As this Advent ends, may your Christmas be about more than presents and decorations. May the most profound gifts you give and receive be that of each other, and may your lives be decorated with the fruits of that love.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS