Ordinary Moments – Dec 30

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Do you practice good stewardship with your family? Stewardship is about more than offerings to a church or charity. It is about continually giving of ourselves in a way that gives glory to God.
Sharing our gifts with those in our immediate family honors God and is evidence of your gratitude for these people in your life.

How can we effectively accomplish this? One way is to reflect on how the 6 characteristics of an Everyday Steward are present in our family relationships. Are we mindful when we are with our family members? Do we focus on them and their needs rather than our phone or TV? Do we hold up our family in prayer? Their concerns should be our concerns. Do we find ways to show how grateful we are for having them in our lives?

When we find ourselves lacking in gratitude, we should reflect on what life would be like without them. Do we help one another without being asked because we have a gracious heart? It is easy to take for granted those we see all the time. Hospitality is not just for the stranger or guest. Are we committed to a life of stewardship that not only serves as a good example, but also helps our relatives thrive? Using our gifts without wisdom might mean we have little to give to those we love. Finally, do we hold each other accountable for our decisions and shortcomings?

We are on the journey of life together, and no one exists in the Body of Christ alone. Stewardship is about the entirety of our lives. Our faith life is not reserved to Mass on a Sunday. It all begins and ends with those we love.

–Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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