Ordinary Moments – Jan 27

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Remember that time when you arrived at school to take a test or quiz on material you failed to read? Maybe it was on a classic book or a chapter in a science textbook. Did your blood pressure go sky high and the sweat start to show on your forehead? Squirming in the seat, you wondered what you could have done to avoid feeling this way. Then it came to you: you should have read what you were supposed to read!

Procrastination, indifference, poor scheduling of time, and stubbornness are all reasons why we fail to be prepared for a situation that arises in our lives. We lack commitment in doing what we are asked to do or what we know we should do. This is certainly true in our spiritual lives as well. We may choose to bear the label of disciple or good steward, but we don’t really prepare ourselves for the daily journey of life.

Sacred Scripture can prepare us more fully for the circumstances of life, but not if we fail to read it. The words contained there are Spirit and life for us. They help us to understand where we fit into the Body of Christ and how we are to respond to the daily call of Christ. Everyday Stewards should be committed to reading and reflection of the Word of God. We know we should spend time with God’s Word, but too often we fail to due to the same reasons already mentioned. When we failed to read in school, perhaps we failed the test and it hurt our grade. When we fail in life due to lack of preparedness, sometimes the consequences are more severe.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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