Ordinary Moments – Jan 28 2018

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When I reflect on the many years of my life, there are many people who were influential on my development as a person, a student, and a Christian. Through their graciousness and generosity, I was able to work through challenges and difficulties, becoming stronger in the end. They pushed me to become better than I was at the time and helped me to see what I could eventually become. Without them giving of themselves to me I am unsure where I would be today.

Because others were good stewards of the gifts and talents God gave them, I now strive to use wisely what I have been given as well. Yes, I spend much of my time on the road speaking in churches about stewardship and I write books and articles about this way of life, but my real desire is to impact the most those around me. I want my children to see how I am growing in this life and be an example to them. I want me and my wife to grow in generosity together. My hope is that my friends see a light in me and inquire about how and why it is there. Above all, I want to live with a graciousness and hospitality that others find welcoming.

I believe that through our kindness and grace-filled existence God can touch others, heal others, and embrace others. We are the hands and feet of Christ. May we, today and every day we hear his voice, harden not our hearts.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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