Ordinary Moments – Jul 22

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My daughter can easily become overwhelmed by having so much to do. She recently graduated from high school, and many times during those four years, she found herself going crazy from being involved in so many things. Sports, drama, youth group, homework, friends, and more all demanded a slice of her attention. Sometimes the slice of time that remained wasn’t much and one does have to sleep

A good everyday steward can get caught up in doing so much and giving so much that he or she loses sight of the fact that you cannot give what you do not have. If you have no time left, you cannot give that. If you have no energy left, you cannot give that. Finally, if you find yourself agitated and overwhelmed, you cannot give that which others benefit from the most: YOU!

Even when we plant seeds in a garden after tilling and watering the soil, we must rest and wait for there to be growth. If we do not take time to rest and recharge, we are not allowing time for God’s grace to bring forth new life in us. We fear that things will suffer without us, but the truth is that no one is benefiting from our fatigue. We can think we are giving but really we are empty. Take some time and rest in your God. Retreat and recharge. Then you will be able to share once again.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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