Ordinary Moments – Jul 26

Steven PutmanLiturgy

What Is God Asking of You?

What are you willing to give for the sake of the kingdom of God? Often, we begin a discussion like this with a story or a few leading thoughts. However, if we are to be serious about who we claim to be as Christians, there should be no beating around the bush. The question is not only important for each of us and our relationship with our God, but it should be important for the relationship each of us has with the entire Body of Christ. Like any good team or family, I need you to have my back, and I need to have yours. If one of us is going to lay it on the line and be all in for our faith, then we all need to be as well.

If only all the Christians of the world felt the same way. In some parts of the world, Christians are still being martyred for their faith. Others must worship underground and avoid the government-led police. Then there are those who seem to take faith for granted, and because little is asked by their friends or parish, they give nothing. It is quite a contrast of situations.

On this day, it may seem like little is being asked of you and I by God. Is that because we aren’t being asked or because we aren’t listening? If you are counting on me and I am on you, we should figure this out sooner than later. Of course, I suspect we actually do know the answer, don’t we?

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS