Ordinary Moments – Jul 8

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Sometimes we need a dose of healthy skepticism. Do you see some of the claims on the Internet, in social media, or even on the cover of supermarket tabloids? If we are not careful, we can easily be led astray.

However, when we find ourselves skeptical all the time, unable to trust anyone or anything, we have a problem. Trust is essential in a conversion process, and we all are in a continual process of turning toward and moving closer to God. If we find it hard to trust the promises of God, then we will find ourselves lost and bewildered.
Sometimes the biggest obstacle to a stewardship way of life is lack of trust. This is true for individuals as well as parish communities. Do we believe that God will provide for our needs? Do we believe that if we give it all away we will receive even more in abundance? Do we believe that there is true freedom in complete surrender?

Many will say that the principles of a stewardship way of life sound good spirituality and are inspiring. But when really faced with the tough decisions, they will fall back on placing trust in themselves, material goods, or money. Are we true disciples and good stewards as we claim? Where do you place your trust? Have you chosen a path where you are all in or are you still keeping something for yourself because you just aren’t sure all this talk of “consider the lilies” is real or just pretty words on a page?

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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