Ordinary Moments – Mar 1

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The 6 Characteristics of an Everyday Stewardship for Lent – Mindful

What is it that tempts you the most? Is it an action, a person, or a place? It is something that seems innocent enough, like a food, a drink, or an event? When you really start reflecting, you find that there are many temptations all around. Even if you are strong and never succumb to a certain temptation, it is still there waiting for a weak moment in your life.

One difficultly in the life of a disciple trying to live a stewardship way of life lies in the temptations we never actually see. We are too busy thinking about past failures or successes, or we are fixated on what possibilities the future holds that we miss the important things going on in the present. Jesus could be standing directly in front of us, but we miss him because we are looking everywhere except straight ahead.

Being mindful means that we are looking out for how and when God will call us this very day. Our decisions this day will have a huge impact on the future. If we only look to the future, we will miss those important calls to action. We may even find ourselves in a desert of sorts, looking for any way out we can find. However, God may need us to give of ourselves for a reason we cannot yet discern while in that desert. We need to stay awake, be aware, and look for His hand in all things. If we don’t, we may even miss the pathway out of that desert when it presents itself.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS