Ordinary Moments – Mar 10

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It will take too long. I can’t spare it. I don’t know anybody. I am just too busy.
How many excuses can you think of to put forth as reasons why you should say no to the call of Jesus Christ? Wait. You didn’t know to whom those responses were directed? We say no to many things and many people, but we wouldn’t say no to Jesus. Really?

During this Lenten season, like all the other seasons, we will be asked to respond in many different ways. There will be fasting, almsgiving, and abstinence from certain foods. There will be invitations to various devotions and formational studies. We will be asked to reflect on our faith and then dive deeper.

The argument will be made by some that many of these things are being asked of us by others and not Jesus. Of course, that will just be another excuse like those above. For every calling upon us comes with a temptation to take the easy way out or to minimize the value of the request.

We will stay caught up in an endless cycle of excuses that lead us nowhere. That is unless we simply choose to stop the madness and say YES! This Lent, give up and give in. Let God take over as you surrender all you are and have to Him. Now is the time to turn to Jesus. No more excuses.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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