Ordinary Moments – Mar 25

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I read a story recently about a teacher who donated to one of her former students a kidney. This tremendous act of selflessness came about because the young person had lost most of the function his kidneys due to an illness. Literally, that teacher gave the gift of life to someone who wasn’t her own child or another family member. This is certainly radical stewardship.

How far would you go to give of yourself so that another might live? Would you have to love him or her like your own child or parent? No one can deny it would be a difficult decision, especially if your giving put your own health at risk.

Reflecting on these things helps to provide some perspective on the crucifixion of Jesus. Not only did he suffer tremendously at the hands of the Romans, he gave his life for us so we might live forever. What does true stewardship look like? The cross is a symbol to us of total surrender. When we are called to give of ourselves in ordinary ways in daily life we sometimes hesitate and think twice. Perhaps when we are unsure we should look to the cross and there we can find our strength. And then when the call comes to truly sacrifice and place our trust in God, we may have already developed a lifestyle that makes responding, “yes,” that much easier.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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