Ordinary Moments – Mar 3

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I was traveling recently and watched as a wife led her blind husband onto the plane by her arm. She lovingly helped him into his seat and made sure he was comfortable. She placed their bags above in the bin and then sat next to him. They were ready for the flight. As I sat in my seat just a few rows away, I wondered what he would do if she ever left his side.

Sometimes those we love in our life can be blind, and we need to be their eyes. They aren’t physically blind, but they are unable to see the truth about their life, situation, or needs. We need to lend them our sight and insight, or they will remain in their world of darkness.

Jesus asked his disciples, “Can a blind person guide a blind person?” If we aren’t actively working to be sure that we can see clearly, what will we be able to offer someone we care about when they come to us with their blindness? Can you lead someone to Christ if you aren’t living a life with him yourself? Can you share with another truth if you aren’t concerned with knowing the truth yourself?

Life is not always easy. Without faith, hope, and love, the road can be too hard to travel. We are not created to be alone. Instead, we are created to be traveling companions. However, the blind cannot lead the blind. May the Light of Christ dispel your darkness and give you sight so that when the call comes, you might lend an arm to lead the blind.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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