Ordinary Moments – May 12

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When I was little, I would always cling to the same routine each night before going to bed. I would say to my parents, “Good night.” They would respond, “Good night.” I then would say, “See you tomorrow, okay?” I would await their response, and if they did not respond, I would say it again louder, “See you tomorrow, okay?” I somehow felt that if they did not assure me that I would see them tomorrow, it would possibly not happen. What would happen to me if I awoke and no one was there? It seems silly now, but to a small boy, it was very serious.

In our lives, many of us have somehow bought into the notion that there is so much in the world that can take us away from God. We believe that worldly values, immorality, or evil itself can take us away from God’s love and protection. But there are few greater lies than this. The reality is that if we find ourselves far away from God, the only force that carried us away was our own choices.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me… No one can take them out of my hand.” Yes, we are tempted at every side, but no temptation can take us away from him. Unfortunately, sometimes after initial choices, we find ourselves in addiction or dependency, making our reconciliation with God impossible without the help of friends and loved ones. But make no mistake, no one or nothing can take those who are His sheep away from God.

When you think about this, you realize the importance of your actions. The power of your stewardship is great, because by utilizing your gifts, you determine if you will draw closer to or wander away from God. The world can’t do that. The devil can’t do that, nor can the wishful words of a little boy in the night.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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