Ordinary Moments – Nov 29

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In the Unexpected

“What could happen next?” How many times have you asked yourself that question in the past year? Though we most often use that expression when things don’t seem to be going our way, this year it has been an expression of the constant changes to our world which the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought. But we might use the same expression to explain our feelings of being overwhelmed by blessings and good things, when the stars seem to align just right.

No matter what, we can say with certainty that tomorrow will not go exactly as we envisioned. Our lives are influenced by so many factors and the world around us is increasingly complex. Rather than be surprised by the unexpected, maybe we should expect the unexpected.

Living in this manner causes us to cherish more deeply the gifts we have been given. It helps us to live in the present and become mindful of those around us. Our relationships deepen. Our sense of responsibility builds. Our stewardship way of life finds new meaning and purpose.

This Advent will not be the same experience as last Advent. It remains to be seen what the coming days and weeks have in store for each of us. However, no matter what happens, Jesus Christ is there to welcome us to the unexpected. He will celebrate with us in joy and he will even feel our pain. You can count on the unexpected, but you can also count on Him to be there with you. He is now and forever, Emmanuel, “God with us.” He is the expected in all things unexpected.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS