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My mother-in-law was the best gift-giver I ever knew. One could say my parents spoiled me growing up, but there was something about her gifts to me that made me feel overwhelmed. I guess it was that after several years I still was surprised that she would think enough of me to get me something no one else would. She was able to make me feel special every time. Of course, I believe she honored me in this way because I accepted her greatest gift to me, her daughter.

Sadly, my mother-in-law did not live long in this world. She passed away over a decade ago due to an aggressive cancer. Some of her material gifts to me remain, while others are long gone. But the memories and the effect of those gifts remain because it was never all about the gifts themselves. It was about relationship. It was about her and me. It was about love.

What we offer Jesus is never about the gift itself. It is about the motivation behind the action and the effect that action has on the body of Christ. Many of the gifts we give today to God and his people will fade away like the mist of the early morning, but the effects of those actions will last forever. It is about relationship. It is about God and us. It is about love.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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