Sacred Thinking by Mike Denz – How do we know the Catholic Church is right?

Steven PutmanAdult

Today we will look at the second part of the Nicene Creed to discover more about why we know that the Catholic Church is right in all her teachings.


We believe that the man Jesus of Nazareth, who lived in the beginning of the first century AD, is in fact God, the second member of the Blessed Trinity, God the Son. We believe this because He told us so.

We have written accounts in the Gospels, understood by those inside and outside the Church as historical accounts of Jesus life. The Gospels were written while many of the people who knew Jesus were still alive, and the Gospel accounts were not disputed by them. In the Gospels Jesus very often referred to Himself as the Son of the Father. He also said that He is equal to God (John 10:30). Jesus also backed up His claim with many miraculous works that only God could do, including raising people from the dead, including raising Himself from the dead.

The Resurrection, of which there were many witnesses, is the greatest proof that Jesus is God. For we know that 11 men, the 12 Apostles minus Judas, all claimed to have seen Jesus after His Resurrection. These men knew for sure that Jesus rose from the dead. We know this because 10 of them were killed because they refused to say otherwise. It’s quite difficult to think even one many would do this for a lie, but 10? And what of the 11th? This is St. John the Apostle. They did try to kill him, but God intervened and prevented it. St. John would go on to live a long life, writing the Book of Revelation and his gospel.