Sacred Thinking by Mike Denz – How do we know the Catholic Church is right?

Steven PutmanAdult

Many people have remained in the Catholic Church, faithfully practicing their faith and striving to become better disciples of Jesus each day, despite all the challenges of morality, scandals of some clergy and conflict with popular culture. Many have also come into the Catholic Faith, often from other Christian denominations. Many of these people who have faithfully practiced their Faith do so because they are convinced that the Catholic Church is right. That what the Catholic Church teaches is in fact – true.

How do they know that?

I went to Catholic schools my whole life – from Kindergarten to a bachelors degree. However, it wasn’t until I earned a master’s degree in theology and catechesis that I learned why the Catholic Church is right. It was amazing to learn and understand this… and at the same time aggravating that I didn’t learn it sooner. You shouldn’t have to go to college, much less graduate school, to learn this! Every Catholic should know this! It was motivation for me to learn all I could about the Catholic Faith and teach it to others.

This is the first of a 5 part series explaining the answer to this very important question: How do we know the Catholic Church is right?