How can I practice gratitude in my everyday life?

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Question: How can I practice gratitude in my everyday life?

Answer: God has given each of us many blessings. Fostering an “attitude of gratitude” might be easier than you think. Simple, concrete practices can help us to be more thankful more often. Incorporate it into your dinner with your spouse, or as you tuck the kids into bed at night. “What are three things you’re thankful for today?” Make a habit of writing one note a week to someone special in your life, thanking them for how they’ve impacted you. This is also a good practice in the workplace. Consider opening your weekly meetings with a quick round of gratitude sharing. “I’m grateful John helped me with that last-minute change to my presentation last week. I wouldn’t have finished it in time for the meeting without him.”

Another way is to designate a few minutes to thank God. This could be the first bit of your daily prayer time or after you receive communion on Sundays. You can also integrate it into your daily routine. How about while brushing your teeth? There’s probably nothing so important it can’t wait two minutes. Brush your teeth, quiet your mind, and thank God from your heart for His blessings throughout the day. Get creative! Any moment is an opportunity to praise and thank God.

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