How do I share my faith?

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Question: My friend has never heard of Christ and I want to share the Gospel with her but I’m afraid to. How do I share my faith?

Answer: There are a lot of ways to bring up the topic of religion, without being judgmental or pushy. Begin by asking what her thoughts are about religion, or what her experience was growing up. Finding common ground is often easier than you think, because the questions and problems we have about God, the presence of evil, our purpose in life, and our relationship with God are universal concerns.

Why are you afraid? If you do not want to insult or offend someone, don’t be pushy or judgmental. If you are uncertain about how to explain your own faith, do a little reading or practice with a friend. If you measure success only by this person converting, focus your attention more on beginning the conversation, not on bringing it to a perfect close! Faith is a journey of many acts of belief, many discussions about God, and many choices about how we practice what we preach. In some we will have great success; in others we will need forgiveness and perseverance. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Holy Spirit is always at work and our most humble efforts can bear great fruit. Have faith in God because he has faith in you!

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