Why do we celebrate Catechetical Sunday? 

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Question: Why do we celebrate Catechetical Sunday?

Answer: The mission of the church reflects the mission of Jesus to teach, preach, heal, and forgive. Through these acts, Jesus shares the good news of salvation and invites all people to share in the life and love of God. The church continues this mission in all its ministries, but especially, and perhaps most importantly, through catechesis.

Catechetical Sunday is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. The task of handing on the Gospel is entrusted to the whole community, who by word and example, form young and new members in the way of the Gospel. Parish programs assist parents in teaching the basics of faith through liturgical experience, instruction, and faith formation. This ministry is essential for the parish to grow, for individuals to develop as believers, and for the ongoing spiritual formation of the whole community. It reminds the church that preaching the Gospel and growing in faith are essential to our sacramental practice and our liturgical prayer.

On this Sunday, we recognize those who are called to be teachers and ask for God’s blessing and grace

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