Why do we celebrate Pentecost when we do?

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Question:  Why do we celebrate Pentecost when we do?

Answer:  The book of Acts unpacks the events immediately following Jesus’ ascension into heaven. The Apostles and other disciples were told to pray in Jerusalem and await another outpouring of the Holy Spirit. As the weeks ticked on, the Jewish Festival of Weeks approached. This festival took place 50 days after Passover and celebrated the giving of the law on Mount Sinai. The Festival of Weeks (or “Pentecost” in Greek) was a great pilgrimage feast, with Jews from all over the ancient world convening on Jerusalem for the celebration.

It was on Pentecost that God chose to send the Holy Spirit. Here, the new law of love was etched into the hearts of the disciples. As he burst out onto the balcony above the multinational crowd, Peter proclaimed the message of the resurrection, and the Holy Spirit enabled every listener to hear in their native language. 3,000 people were baptized that day! The disciples – and every baptized person – receives the gifts and zeal necessary to bring a new message of salvation to the people of God.

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