Why there isn’t a commandment about honoring children?

Steven PutmanQandA

Question: In Sunday school, the students are studying the Ten Commandments. I know that kids are important in the eyes of God, so I’m just wondering why there isn’t a commandment about honoring children.

Answer: Commandments provide EOO-Equal Opportunity for Observance! They are meant for everyone, children as well as adults. There are several assumptions that would make such a commandment a bit redundant. One, children are entrusted to the care of their parents. So, respect, love, and care — as well as teaching them — are assumed to be part of the responsibility of parents. They are the first teachers in the ways of faith and, as such, participate in God’s work of loving and creating. The child has the obligation and responsibility towards their parents. Only when they are adults will they make decisions on their own.

In Biblical times, and in many societies today, children are responsible for caring for elderly parents, providing for their needs. In our culture today, too often kids have more rights than responsibilities, and oftentimes long before they are able to handle them. If we follow the Commandment of Jesus to love others and treat them as we would want to be treated, everyone is included, children too.